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MultiTranse Oriental can greatly translate online from oriental languages, as it is one of the most complete translating applications. It supports 15 languages: 5 European (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) and 10 oriental (Arabic, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Filipino, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese). You can freely combine them with each other as source or target languages. The multilingual interface of this program is simple and intuitive, making it quite enjoyable to deal with. To use MultiTranse Oriental you need to be connected to Internet: it uses free web resources and immediately provides you with an optimal translation of words, phrases and texts up to 6000 characters.

    When you start MultiTranse Oriental, the program gives you several tips to show how to work with it. This short tutorial demonstrates how to insert text (you can type it, copy from the clipboard or open a file) and how to choose the source and target languages. Then you should press the button to start translation, and in a few seconds you get the result. You do not need lots of dictionaries to work with numerous foreign languages! Just one handy program and Internet connection.

    Besides overall effectiveness, MultiTranse Oriental have some features, which are quite important and very convenient. MultiTranse supports both Unicode and ANSI formats and automatically determines the required font, displaying the text correctly. If you do not have fonts for some of the languages supported by MultiTranse Oriental, the program suggests to download them from Microsoft website, so you do not have to search for the missing fonts and to download them yourself. Each translation done by MultiTranse can be sent to printing queue, so that you get a quick printout if necessary.

    With MultiTranse Oriental you can quickly understand any text in a foreign language, compose your own texts and communicate with foreigners! It is actually your key to language fluency.

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MultiTranse Oriental
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